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About Us

With over 20 years in the industry, we are the leaders in Textbook Supply Management.  What does this mean?  In simple terms, we make your life easier as an LTSM or the person responsible for ordering and following up on orders from various Publishers.

Even the process is simple.

  1. Contact Us For A Quotation
  2. Once you confirm your Order we manage the Orders from all the Publishers on your Order - AT NO COST TO YOU !
  3. You only deal with Global Book Company on follow-ups and orders.

But wait.  There's more .....

We offer 30 Days Payment Terms to our Schools as well as much higher discounts than Publishers offer.  

Giving you more buying power for your bucks !

Our success story is simple.  We love what we do.

Tel:  011 453 7920

Fax: 086 667 1112